Art Direction - Branding - Concept Development

Greige Goods is a conceptual website that was custom built by my fiancé Justin Aguilar and I, as a new way of digesting visual imagery.

After living separately across different coasts for a year and a half, we found ourselves sharing: photographs, objects or people that inspired us as a way to connect more deeply and inspire the other in their own creative pursuits. We eventually found ourselves with a Dropbox full of creative references and no way of digesting it in a way that felt fresh or stimulating.

Greige Goods was built just as much for ourselves, as it was built as a tool for others. With social media being a deep dark hole of visual overload and "regrams" for the sake of an aesthetic, we're often left with little to no knowledge of who or what went into the work featured. You'll find the makers, photographers, architects, etc. responsible for their work at the bottom of each collection. We hope Greige Goods will encourage you to explore and celebrate each maker's work more deeply.

Branding and digital identity inspired by the common “Thank You” shopping bags from local bodegas.

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